Tuesday, December 30, 2008

30 December- Yesterday would have been the first Monday in 8 weeks that Kel did not visit St. John's. She was pretty excited about the idea of a full week away before having to check in this coming Friday. The excitement faded last night when some abdominal pain and spotting warranted a trip to the WEU. Tests and an extended Q&A session cleared us of any immediate concern, but it was decided Kel would begin her stay in Labor and Delivery for continuous monitoring and steroid treatments which were supposed to begin Friday.

So here we are starting day two of Kel's extended stay in room 8 of St. John's L & D center. While its early, it has already been a very busy day. Kel has seen three doctors (resident, regular OBGYN, specialist) and we went for an ultrasound to do measurements. Caroline is now 1 lb 10 oz and seems to be growing right on track.

So far the news is good, but Kel was unable to mentally prepare for her move since it came 4 days early, and since we've been here we've heard many more warnings about the lungs. Needless to say, we need lots and lots of prayers.


Maya B. said...

Many prayers are being said at our house! We are thinking of you guys! I'm sorry you weren't able to prepare... what a bummer. We're thinking of all three of you! Let me know if there's anything I can do. Want company at the hospital? Maya and I would love to come visit sometime!

Maynard and Joy Howell said...

Hi guys,

Well Kel remember that story I told you about when I had Jolie leaving for the grocery store and not coming home for five days? But I know your stay is going to be a whole lot longer. Just continue to show the courage and strength you have and don't hesitate to ask for help (that goes for you too, Jeff). Lots of prayers are going up for you guys and baby Caroline. Remember, God is bigger than any doctors reports! Love you

Granny Janny said...

Well you did have to check in a few days earlier but praise God you're there. I know you feel the same way. 24 weeks and 3 days, God is amazing!!! Hang in there my strong daughter, keep smiling. Hey, be good, no more practical jokes on your sister. Even from the hospital bed you've still got your mischievous spirit (I have to admit it was very funny and Amanda thought so too)

Ally Fry said...

no i didn't. you scared me to death! i'm gonna get you back somehow...you know how you can't bend over?? well maybe i'll bring a feather to tickle your feet. or how do you feel about another joy ride in the wheelchair?? don't think i wouldn't do it!

i'll be there tomorrow for more visiting. we gotta watch some office episodes. enjoy your evening with jeff. love you.

aunt mandy said...

woops! the post from ally is actualy from me... :)