Monday, December 1, 2008

1 December 2008- We've reached a new month and we are so thankful for the blessings which have brought us this far. Kel had another appointment with the specialist today and again, the heartbeat still looks good. We have gone another week of clear blood tests and no signs of labor. As excited as we are to reach another week this evening has been pretty rough. Thankfully we were able to spend quality time with old friends but Kel lost a lot of fluid tonight. With no real explanation as to why there is so much at certain times all we can ask is that you please pray that the leaking slow down and that the lack of fluid not affect the tiny baby inside. Of course we are thankful the fluid remains clear but it is still not a very comforting feeling. With little or no fluid inside the doctors continue to warn us of the multiple effects it can have on the baby. Next week we get to measure more of the development of the baby so we need more prayers that the development has continued despite the overwhelming odds. Thanks for continued support.


aunt mandy said...

i'm praying for our little rocky girl and that she continues to be strong and fight. you are doing great, kel, and jeff too. i miss you guys and spending time together, but i'll be home in 8 days. love you all :)

Granny Janny said...


I loved being with you today. Like I told you, if I could I'd move in and take care of you all the time but I know I have to give all the other people that love you a chance too!!! We know that God continues to be with us everyday, in the restful times and the scary times too. We just have to remember to trust Him and lean on Him in the scary times. He will give us peace.

Maynard and Joy Howell said...

Hang in there guys, I know it's hard when things seem uncertain but God is still in control. It sounds like you're doing great at staying occupied, Kelly. I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, I'll bring the second Yada Yada book.
Love, Aunt Joy

PS - What sounds good for lunch? Think about it and I'll call you later!