Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1 April- We have very exciting news... Carolione is now double her birth weight!!! Wait, that's not the best part...She has taken her full bottle the last 24 feedings!!! That's still not it...Today she passed her car seat test!!! Okay, we've left you hanging long enough...The most exciting news is that she is scheduled for discharge this coming Sunday April 5th!!! Doctors and nurses are now flooding us with information and new papers to sign. Caroline will be released with all of the current monitors she is on and her oxygen support as well. Kel and I are still trying to get over the nerves of learning to deal with these things at home but we are still very excited to have our baby home with us. She will also come home with a new style of brace for her hips and legs to keep improving there and we already have many appointments set up with various physical, occupational, and respiratory therapists for follow-ups. We are so thankful for all of your prayers along the way but please don't stop now. There are still many difficult days ahead as she fights to catch up with her actual age. Doctors tell us that developmentally this could take up to three years. We remain faithful and confident she will grow into a beautiful and intelligent little girl. Please also pray for Kel and I as we try to make final arrangements for her homecoming as well. Today we learned some of her prescriptions she needs may not be covered by insurance and some cost as much as $200. Also after picking out an awesome car seat/stroller combo we have learned it may need to be returned because another brand may fit our vehicles more safely for her needs. Finally, we will be sure to update at least one more time when she makes it home but that may be it for the Baby B blog site for a bit as we adjust to life at home as a new family.