Saturday, November 22, 2008

22 November 2008- We've waited a few days to post an update acting on the philosophy that no news is good news. There aren't really any big changes in the situation other than as Kel continues to follow doctors orders and stay in bed, her body is slowly acting out. It had been small pains in her hips and back but now the pain has increased and moved to her shoulders, neck and other areas. She is doing a great job of fighting through the cramps and pains but since she is on strict bed rest a small change in laying position is really all that can be done. As for the pregnancy, unfortunately the fluid continues to leak but many visitors have said Kel looks more noticeably pregnant which we hope means the baby is continuing to grow and develop. Our new prayer requests are that the pains Kel has been experiencing will go away and that our doctors appointments coming up on Monday give us another week of hope. Going back to earlier prayer requests, we continue to pray for the baby's protection, that she stays safe from infection, and that Kel avoids going into labor. Thanks for all your support.


Granny Janny said...

We are so thankful there are no signs of infection or labor. We continue to trust God and take one day at a time. We know that He is with us every moment. We trust his will completely and continue to lean on Him and each other. While life suddenly became complicated, on the other hand it has become simpler. The things we thought were important, suddenly are not. What is important is the health of Kelly and the Baby, the love of our family, and our relationship with our Lord.

Aunt Jenn said...

Kel is going to need a massage therapist to come in and rub all those kinks out. I know bed rest must be driving you crazy my love. Heating pads maybe for your back and neck? I continue to pray for my sweet new great niece and both you and Jeff. I think we are having our meal at Joy's the Saturday after Thanksgiving instead of here, so I will definitely be coming to visit if you are up to it. I'll rub your feet! XOXOXOXOXOXO

Spoon said...

We will continue to think of and pray for you guys. It sounds like you have a great support system--just know that it extends all the way across the country.

Love and prayers,
-Kristin (Walstrom) Korneliussen-