Sunday, February 15, 2009

15 February- Each time I begin an update it is hard to know where to begin. We've had both good and not so good news from St. Johns over the past few days and I'm just not sure what is best to start and end with. Either way, we thank you for patiently waiting for new words on Caroline's progress. Her brain scan from a few days ago came back normal and doctors don't anticipate any problems. Caroline has recently had issues with Bradycardia (drops in heart rate) and Apnea (forgetting to breathe). Doctors have tried to explain that both are signs of immaturity and that she should grow out of it but the fear it causes each time is immeasurable. Today, doctors will most likely raise the levels of oxygen flowing through her nasal cannula to try to reduce the work she is doing on her own and hopefully not wear her out to a point where those issues set in. She has been receiving the same amount of food during each feeding all week and has handled it very well. She is very close to being back to her birth weight and seems to know when it is time for more food. This week she will begin a pretty aggressive increase in food amounts to help her growth and development. We've been warned that preemies tend to have issues with reflux when their stomachs are tested with larger amounts of food. Her tolerance of food increases over the next couple of weeks will show whether she's ready to tackle the next few hurdles. If not it could prolong her stay in the NICU until she is able to move to the next stage of feeding. Please continue to pray for her progress. We would love to see a 48 hour period with no signs of heart rate or breathing issues and our hearts are heavy in hope that she can handle the food intake as it increases this next week. Thanks for your support.

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andgoody said...

Just wanted to let you know that I've been checking in to see how she's doing. I'm praying for you all. My friend who had 26 week triplets read your update and she said Caroline seems to be doing wonderful! Hang in there!
Andrea Goodson